About us


BKFITNESSJUNKIE is a black owned, woman own fitness & leisure apparel brand.  I started working out as way to "rediscover" myself after having second child and fighting postpartum, anxiety and depression.  After a few months of working out and initially hating it, I found that it gave me energy and another purpose.  I felt good whether it was running outdoors or working out in the gym.  I mentally and physically submitted to that feeling I got when working out and loved it.  I fell in love with fitness...I started learning and then teaching.  I found purpose and passion.  A way to relieve stress and get away ended up changing my life.  So because I was a mom with some body issues it was hard for me to find quality, comfortable, fun not to mention inexpensive gym gear for my body.  I decided after much research to create a quality, comfortable and inexpensive fitness apparel line.

I believe in selling quality products first and foremost.  Whether it’s our
wrinkle-free knits or our moisture-wicking fabric leggings Bkfitnessjunkie found the balance between utilizing the highest quality materials and giving you fair and affordable price points. 

Created in 2017 as idea to provide women with unique pieces of quality, comfortable gym outfits for prices they can actually afford.  Leggings that fits comfortably on all body types.  Leggings that are squat proof (not see through) and non wicking (moisture observing).  Sports bras that's sexy, very comfortable and actually give you amazing coverage.  Every style is both functional and fashionable.  Legging can be worn at the gym, yoga studio, run to the mall or even paired with  some heels for a date night.

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